Can the fabric and the finish of the furniture I see at the photos, be changed?

There is a big variety of different fabrics you can choose. There is also a big variety of finishes to choose. (Due to monitor differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online)

Can you match the finish of the furniture so they can match with the rest furniture I already have in my house?

We can match them as long as you can provide us a sample of the desired finish.

Are the dimensions of the furniture standard or they can be customized to fit in my space?

In most cases the dimensions can be changes in order to fit your needs.

Are all the furniture I see at your website available to see them at your showroom?

Most of them and even more are available to see them at our showroom. Sometimes though it is possible that some of them are temporally unavailable or in different colors due to renewals of our collection.

Can the design of a furniture be modified?

It is possible to modify some elements that you may not like, with the help of our designers in order to ensure the finest result.

Can you manufacture a special furniture i want?

We can manufacture any kind of special constructions. Our architects on cooperation with our special construction department can propose you through 3D designs the best solution for your space, or even construct your own design.

I am not sure if the furniture can fit in my space. Can you help me?

The architects of our company can visit your space, and propose you the best solutions for you.

Can you help me make the best match of furniture and colors for my space?

The architects of our company can propose you the best solution for you, through plans and 3D designs. They will ensure that the final result will be both beautiful and functional for you!

Where are you furniture manufactured?

All our furniture are constructed in our own facilities. There are also some small furniture, lights and decorative items imported from Italy.

Is there any guarantee for your furniture? Do you provide any after sale service?

The quality of our furniture is guaranteed and we are available to face any of your needs after the purchase. We can fix anything that might accidentally happen, replace the fabrics or renew the finish.

Do you repair furniture?

We can repair or renovate the furniture that we manufacture. Other furniture, not produced by us, can be repaired after out specialists see them and estimate what is needed in order to have the best final result.

How can i clean my furniture?

The wooden parts can be cleaned with a wet but well dried cloth. Do not use chemicals in any circumstances as there is a danger to damage them. The fabrics of the furniture can be cleaned on the spot using special chemicals, or dry clean them or wash them, according to the specifications of the fabric you have chosen.

How many time is needed to deliver my order?

The delivery time depends on the product that you have chosen. It can be delivered in a few days if it is exist in stock, or it can take 1 to 2 months if it is out of stock. So make sure you place the order early so you can have the furniture you want, in time.

Do you deliver the furniture? Is it charged?

The furniture are delivered by our staff free of charge inside Attica.

Is it possible to send the furniture outside Athens?

We can send them outside Athens by our trucks for free, or by a transport company. It depends on the order you place. We can also send them all over the world, using the best transport companies.

I want to order the furniture now but I am not ready to receive them. Can you send them later?

You can place your order when you want and receive the furniture whenever you are able to. So you can take advantage of our sales and receive the furniture, even months later. Until then, your furniture are safely stored at our warehouse.

Can I buy your furniture in other stores outside Athens?

You can find some of our furniture in selected stores all over Greece, but you have to contact us first, so we can introduce you the closest one to you.

Which are the available ways of payment?

You can pay by cash, credit card, or installments.

Do you have samples of curtains that i can see at your store?

Out our store there are many available curtains, in many colors and sewing so you can make the right choice for you.

How can i take the right measures for my curtains?

We always take measures of your windows and doors, so that we can ensure the right dimensions of the curtains.

Do you also install the curtains?

The install is always done by our experienced staff.

Build Quality

The main concern of the company Astrakis, from its beginnings until today is the high quality of its products. A careful selection of raw materials to the manufacture of furniture from qualified and experienced staff, the emphasis on quality, meets at every step of production to be given a result of high standards that will stand the test of time.

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